Wednesday, August 27, 2008

another awesome high school parallel

Another great thing that makes law school like high school: a sudden explosion of stress-acne. Could also be related to all the time I spend with my hand on my chin, frowning at a book.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

suck it gas prices

The good news: today I filled up my gas tank for the first time since moving to Law School City. It only cost me $30 to fill it up all the way. Public transportation yes please.

The bad news: in anticipation of using a lot lot less gas than I budgeted for, I may have spent a significant portion of the semester's gas budget on a pair of grown-up shoes. Not helpful.

this is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning

I made it through one week of law school. I have to keep repeating that, because otherwise the voice in my head returns to "but it was probably the easiest week of all, and I didn't hardly have any reading over the weekend, and I was still in too much shock and awe to take in how much work I really have," which is a good way to start a Sunday-night-anxiety-attack trend.

I'm too easily distracted by shiny objects and new classes. In reality my classes are good - torts prof keeps things light, crim prof is super mesmerizing, writing prof is really friendly. Civ pro is abysmal but my prof has the highest bar passage rate so there is at least one redeeming quality.

And! I've made some friends! (Hopefully!) I don't feel like the clique-forming is happening as fast in law school as it has in the past (with a few notable exceptions). At least I'm still meeting people who seem genuinely interested in meeting and getting to know me. The 2Ls and 3Ls are all really friendly so far.

My goal for week two is to work some exercise into my routine, in part because I've already had 2 disgusting vending machine lunches. Also, I must remember that law school takes more energy than I think it does while I'm packing my lunch.

Ok, so I can totally make it through week 2 right?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

law school

If I were better at this I would have been posting all along, but instead I've been completely overwhelmed and overstimulated up until today. So, this is what you get instead.

Orientation: Fucking boring, almost completely useless (ie We're here to introduce you to career services, then tell you that you shouldn't even be thinking about a job for at least a semester, and ohyeah you can't even come visit us so it doesn't really matter). Mildly interesting meeting new people, except that everyone is playing the "awkward meeting people" game. I met tons of obnoxious people who are in other sections (phew), and then realized that there will probably be some of them in my section as well (crap). There is also a large contingent of tanorexics, about whom I may, quite possibly, talk a lot of shit (to my non-law school friends since at least half the lawyers from my state go to my school).

Advance Assignments: What the hell does any of this shit mean?

First Day: Deep breaths. Deeeeeeeeeeeep breaths. Things go much better than expected, except that I forgot my lunch. Holy mother of god those books are heavy. Definitely have a better understanding of the advance assignments now that I know what the hell I'm supposed to be looking for (and by know I mean sorta-kinda-think I know maybe, ish). Come home with only mild sensation of wanting to crawl back into bed.

Second First Day: Still new classes, much much more interesting than first day. However, suspect that after first class with Scariest Teacher in the School my face will melt off. It didn't.

Day Three: I love law school! I got called on and managed to sound like a remotely intelligent human being! I've met some people that seem pretty cool! My school is beautiful! Everyone (including support staff and professors) is super friendly! Also, I finished my reading in the library so I didn't have to bring any of those books home! Bring on the wine!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the downside

Follow up on this.

Contrary to all of the evidence otherwise, Amazon finally shipped my books and I've received them both. I guess one of them was originally out of stock (even though it was marked "usually ships in 1-2 days).

This is what I wanted, so I should be happy right? Urrm, except now I have to start studying. Crap.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

not helpful amazon, not helpful at all

As I've mentioned before, I ordered almost all of my textbooks online which helped me to save a couple hundred dollars. I've already received most of the books that I've ordered, but the 2 books I ordered from Amazon have yet to ship. I ordered them last Tuesday, and at the time I didn't think that it was necessary to pay for 2 day shipping (I instead opted to go for cheapish 5-9 day shipping). It would have been completely sufficient if they had shipped sometime last week. As is, my estimated receipt date was scheduled on the 12th, but this afternoon I figured that if they hadn't shipped yet, there was no way they would get to me by the 12th with standard ground shipping (especially considering they usually ship from some place like Hoboken, and I am in the middleish part of the country). So I upgraded to the 2 day shipping, which cost me an extra $13. I was kind of annoyed at having to pay more for shipping, but the books are still cheaper than in the bookstore and I guess gas is hella expensive these days, so I wasn't too burned by it. Until I got my new estimated receipt date: August 15th. Frick! Frick frack friggidy frick!! What the hell Amazon? This is the exact opposite of what I want. Thirteen more dollars should not = later shipping. It should = get your shit together and send them tomorrow. This is what I get for trying to be financially responsible and save a little cash. Not happy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

you're not old

I have encountered a really bizarre phenomenon among some of the "older" students at my law school (or, at least among those that I've met so far). My school seems to do a fairly good job of assembling a class that is age-balanced. So yes, there are folks like me who have just graduated college, but there are also plenty of people in their mid & late 20s, people in their 30s & 40s, people with full time jobs, families, prior careers, etc. I'm really looking forward to having classes with a greater age range than college (where everyone was my age except the one wacky 50-something "adult learner" housewife who always held up the class with inane questions). What is so strange to me is that a number of people that I've met who are in their mid & late 20s make such a big fracking deal about being "older" than those of us who are more recent grads. They say things like, "Oh my god, when I was graduating from college, you were just starting college." HOLY JURASSIC ERA DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE FIRE WITH STICKS BACK THEN? Its 4 years, give me a break. My BF is more than 4 years older than I am. My closest sibling is more than 4 years older than I am. Many of my best friends are more than 4 years older than I am. Stop pooping in your slightly older pants.

I suppose that these people might be feeling a bit of anxiety about going back to school after a break, and that's totally fair. But come on, everyone is feeling a bit of anxiety about law school. Plus, I can't shake the feeling that these folks are trying to distance themselves from those of us who just finished undergrad in a way that is tacky and distasteful. The whole "I'm not you, I'm not you" routine is disrespectful because there is nothing wrong with going from undergrad to law school (cripes, especially in this suck-o economy). If you want to impress your classmates with your serious dedication, your work ethic, or your amazing life experience then let those qualities speak for themselves. The only impression that I get from these not-so-oldies is that they tend to freak out over something that is actually no big deal.

Friday, August 1, 2008

now that I've assembled my new office chair, I can blog

It is now August, which means the countdown to law school is so on. Orientation is just over a week away, sections have been assigned, advance assignments are starting to pop up on the website. I received my bill (gack!) and it served as just one of many indications that this is serious-time. I also ordered most of my books already and I hope that my attempt to save some money will not come back to bite me in the ass (Super Saver Shipping I mean You!)

I've even met some fellow law schoolies. I take it as a good sign of the atmosphere at my school that there have been so many pre-orientation get togethers planned already. Most of the people I meet seem nice (generic) and I hope that I seem that way too, as it would be a vast improvement on the super-awkward way that I feel. I haven't come across any best-best-besties yet, but I'm also wary of strangers. In a uncharacteristic move of goodwill, I reserve judgment.