Wednesday, August 20, 2008

law school

If I were better at this I would have been posting all along, but instead I've been completely overwhelmed and overstimulated up until today. So, this is what you get instead.

Orientation: Fucking boring, almost completely useless (ie We're here to introduce you to career services, then tell you that you shouldn't even be thinking about a job for at least a semester, and ohyeah you can't even come visit us so it doesn't really matter). Mildly interesting meeting new people, except that everyone is playing the "awkward meeting people" game. I met tons of obnoxious people who are in other sections (phew), and then realized that there will probably be some of them in my section as well (crap). There is also a large contingent of tanorexics, about whom I may, quite possibly, talk a lot of shit (to my non-law school friends since at least half the lawyers from my state go to my school).

Advance Assignments: What the hell does any of this shit mean?

First Day: Deep breaths. Deeeeeeeeeeeep breaths. Things go much better than expected, except that I forgot my lunch. Holy mother of god those books are heavy. Definitely have a better understanding of the advance assignments now that I know what the hell I'm supposed to be looking for (and by know I mean sorta-kinda-think I know maybe, ish). Come home with only mild sensation of wanting to crawl back into bed.

Second First Day: Still new classes, much much more interesting than first day. However, suspect that after first class with Scariest Teacher in the School my face will melt off. It didn't.

Day Three: I love law school! I got called on and managed to sound like a remotely intelligent human being! I've met some people that seem pretty cool! My school is beautiful! Everyone (including support staff and professors) is super friendly! Also, I finished my reading in the library so I didn't have to bring any of those books home! Bring on the wine!


Erin said...

What were the assigments?

Brooklyn said...

I had the same exact experience, I bet we all did. Yesterday was my first class and of the only 3 people he called on I was #2! But with that over with I feel much better and I too managed to come off as a competent English speaker...whew! Good luck!

no634 said...

Excitement! I still have a week before the chaos starts :)

Kel said...

I'm still waiting for the "I love this" feeling.

So far it's just deer-in-headlights look of fear!

Laughing said...

Erin - just reading cases and introductory material. I felt like I had a basic understanding of what I was reading, I just didn't know what I was supposed to be getting from it.