Monday, March 2, 2009

let the sun shine in

Oh, dear sweet readers, I have tested the limits of your patience and tolerance in this past month. And no wonder - February sucks. February is the month in which I go from occasionally mopey to full blown S.A.D. I went down the (non-medicated) rabbit hole, complete with 5-7 hours a day of television, nearly no social contact with anyone other than BF, and oscillation between insomnia and over-sleep. On top of that, I added an unhealthy dose of self-loathing compounded by having to respond to classmates' questions with: no, I have not secured a summer job, thankyouveryeffingmuch. Looking back at my blog writing from February I'm glad now that I hit the save button more often than I hit the publish button, because egad I wrote some pretty self-indulgent I'm-so-sad shit.

So here's to looking up. Here's to March being a (literally) brighter month. Things are off to a great start - I actually felt like I accomplished something this weekend, but didn't make myself miserable in the process. The days are getting longer and warmer, and not even daylight savings time can take the spring out of my step, bitchez. Plus, I promise not to go all sad & crazy-like for at least another 11 months. So, you and me - we're cool, right?

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JD Maybe said...

I'm not kidding I feel the same way...but it is getting warmer...things will get brighter :)