Monday, May 11, 2009

what's your weirdest search?

You know the "research" you do to get points on lexis/westlaw? The days where you have nothing legitimate to look up, but goddamnit if you are going to miss today's 15 points? What do you search - even better - what is the weirdest thing you've searched?

When I'm presented with a situation like this, I turn into an 8 year old boy. Which is how I now know that there are 17 cases on lexis with the phrase "dog poop" in them. (Oh hello new readers who are finding me after searching "dog poop". You are creeping me out, go away.) The bad thing about that search though, is that all of the cases are pretty sad. The phrase isn't used as a euphemism for something else, and you know that if that particular element is important enough to use in the case then there is some sad stuff going down.

To cheer myself up, I decided to search for some other ridiculous thing: witch and magic wand. Three cases. More hilarious and less sad. Also better than just searching "magic wand" where nearly every phrase goes something like this: "the suchandsuch doctrine is not a magic wand for that dumb thing you did."

So what about you? What have been your best, worst, funniest, and weirdest searches? Come on, I've got 2 days to go, entertain me.


Cee said...

omg, I never thought about doing funny westlaw searches- you are SO awesome. I am now inspired to start some funny searches :) One of the funniest thigns I have ever come across, however, is a sexual harassment case. I know it is horrible but one guy used the phrase "Astrobitch" when referring to a female coworker. I think that term is brilliant!

Laughing said...

HA! That makes me think of some random space-age superheroine. I'm thinking a cross between wonder woman and the jetsons. Astrobitch!

Lawful Lady said...

i didn't think about that either! i just actually did stuff b/c I'm trying to collect the entire Coleman line on Lexis. damn. nice. i'm on it.

Jansen said...

I never do anything funny. I just flip open my casebook, find a case, and then shep it.

Anonymous said...

I haven't done a whole lot of weird Lexis searches (I prefer to stay away from it when I can help it), but I can tell you how a few people found my site:
"Caffeine while swimming"
"Pimp my ride cars"
"caffeine verbal abuse"
"hot girls in jeans"
and, my personal favorite:
"i am a failure went to law school"