Sunday, October 4, 2009

laundry day

Although living in a building of mostly undergrads has its obvious downsides (Taylor-Swift-listening-girl-next-door, I'm looking at you) I have discovered one perk. Being the only person up before 10 on a Sunday means I get first dibs on the one washer and dryer, which I plan on monopolizing for the next 3-4 hours. Bwahhahahaha!

The amount of enjoyment that I am getting out of this is perhaps a new low in the "law school has turned me into a complete loser" game.


caffeinegeneration said...

Law school has informed me of a terrible reality: Apparently there really is a world that exists before 10 AM on Sunday. And it's full of books and coffee.

Also, an undergrad dorm? How did that happen?

Laughing said...

Oh no, no no no not an undergrad dorm. I did one year of the dorms and it was two years too many. It's just an apartment building near campus with many undergrads living in it.

JAXCAT said...

Not just a "loser", but also an asshole who wants to beat everyone and see others suffer (to some extent). Gotta love law school!