Wednesday, December 16, 2009

internet "research"

You know you've crossed some sort of internet-stalking line when you find things while "researching" somebody online that you want to share with them, but in order to do so you'd have to admit to your technological-pokings-around - and not in the "yeah I checked out your pictures when you friended me" kind of way. But come on, when someone else who has the exact same name has put only books about magical demons on their amazon wish list, how can I be expected to not make a joke about that?

In a related note, lots of people who have private Facebook profiles do not have private pictures. I mean lots and lots, especially those who are not paranoid law students worried about getting a job someday. I also think that most people don't think about the setting "friends of friends" as still containing complete strangers. I start break tomorrow afternoon and it is going to take Herculean efforts to keep from going any further into the internetz.


Anonymous said...

in my weakest moments (typically during finals) i often find that i have linked my way through entire photo albums on facebook...of people i don't even know. and yet i have this urge to own up to it and comment on a photo. so far, i've resisted.

Anonymous said...

i like to research thing on a laptop or computer at the library for projects or anything now i have a phone and i can do that on the go . SWEET!!!