Monday, November 17, 2008


Legal writing has turned me into a wreck. Have not showered for 2 days. Skipped school today to write this beast of memo, which would not have been that beastly if the research hadn't taken up 3/4 of the time that I had set out for the whole thing.

Also, law school has turned my apartment into a wreck. Well, law school and a broken dishwasher. Dishes keep coming out with white filmy stuff (detergent? hard water stains? who the fuck knows), and teensy food particles, and yet we keep trying to run it, hoping MAYBE THIS TIME it will work. Have gone through a remarkable amount of vinegar and baking soda in past 2 days (same days in which I have not showered or left the house). Have tried handwashing dishes that come out of dishwasher, and lucky for me I only have to wash them 3 TIMES before all the weird shit comes off. In hopes that dishwasher would magically fix itself, BF and I kept using dishes without handwashing them this weekend. All dishes now dirty, including silverware. May starve for lack of utensils. No money to eat out. Please send help or pizza.

Will report back after memo has been conquered.


(In)Sanity Gal said...

i had that same experience with my dishwasher. eventually i gave up and just started using it as a drying rack, which is pretty much all its good for.

hang in there with the memo. things will get better soon. and that winter break will feel amazing.

JD-Maybe said...

I have come to terms with filth. I used to be a neat freak and now Im perfectly ok with ant infestations and not showering.....gotta love law school. I have to finish my memo tonight!

JD-Maybe said...
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Anonymous said...

Good luck!