Sunday, June 15, 2008

what now?

Why another law school blog? I've been reading a lot of other student blogs recently, and I've picked up on the idea that law school is tough (duh). I've also noticed that, for those who choose to share, blogging can be one big way to mitigate the stress and pressure of law school. Whether its the relief of sharing, the community of other law student bloggers, or just the ego-boost of somebody finding you interesting, blogging seems like an act of self-preservation in an environment that otherwise be a little bit dehumanizing. (Maybe I'm wrong and law school is all rainbows and unicorns.) For me, I think that blogging will help to keep me grounded and self-aware. I want to be able to enjoy and thrive in law school, and not just academically.

Plus, I know that I've benefited from reading other law student blogs, and I hope that someone out there in the interwebs will find my perspective helpful, insightful, or at least funny from time to time. And this way I can try to laugh at my own mistakes, which makes them so much less painful.

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Kel said...

I agree with your thoughts regarding blogging. I'm using blogging as a way to better understand myself through this up-coming experience. I'm also using it as a creative writing tool since technically it is writing and we'll be doing a lot of that this next year.

I have also grown to appreciate the blogging community that I've become a part of. Hope you don't mind but I've linked to your blog.

I, for one, find your posts funny! :)