Sunday, November 23, 2008

mastering avoidance

It is the official end of classes which means it is also the unofficial beginning of staying the fuck away from the law building. I've even cleaned out my locker. What with the cold weather I am already less inclined to leave the house, and if my netflix continue to ship I may become a real law school hermit. I've decided that my quarantine should also include facebook, because there is only so much "Susie is done with all her outlines!!!" or "Billy is spending 14 hours in the lawbrary :)" that I can take before my eyeballs start vibrating inside their sockets, and I really do need to go easy on my eyeballs. So, between not leaving the house and no facebook, I'll probably be doing a lot more blogging with a lot less substance! Yay!

But people who are already done with their outlines? Apparently I am quite out-done in the hermit department because I am not nearly finished. And seriously? Its still 2 weeks until the FIRST exam, and we're not done until halfway through Decembers. How many practice tests can you really take? As for me, I'm going to try and stick with slow and steady (and relatively calm) wins the race. Or at least slow and steady lands in the top half and gets to keep her scholarship.

More than anything I can't wait to start break. With visions of sugarplums (nintendo, actually hanging out with my BF, baking, reading for fun and eating Mom's food) already dancing in my head I know its going to be a long 3 and a half weeks. I just have to try and remember that the more focused I am, the faster it will go.


0L said...

The 1st year law students at my school got a bit of an early Christmas treat when the TA's union went on strike two weeks ago.

I'm not sure if I'd rather be in my shoes (studying for the LSAT) or a 1L's shoes (studying for finals.) I suppose both aren't terribly fun?

Laughing said...

I'd honestly rather study for finals - at least with this stuff I know it could actually be important and helpful knowledge in the future (like when I am a lawyer?). The LSAT is awful because its just a test to see how well you can learn to jump through the hoops they set up for you. There's absolutely nothing to take away from the LSAT in terms of knowledge, and in my opinion there's very little to take away in terms of skills. Ugh, it doesn't make studying for finals any easier though.