Monday, December 1, 2008

goals for finals

In the spirit of not turning into a complete pathetic excuse for a human being in the next two weeks, I have made some goals:

1. shower - aim for once a day but will accept once every other day
2. leave apartment at least once every other day
3. do only enough cleaning that my apartment is roughly as clean as it was before finals started
4. remember to check the mail
5. remember to water the plants (too bad they don't meow when they're hungry)
6. oh yeah, remember to eat more real meals than junk food
7. do not go to the grocery store past 9pm
8. put on real pants and a real shirt when I leave the house
9. take vitamins every day
10. pass all of my classes
11. try not to bore BF to death

In other words, my strategy is to aim low and take encouragement from otherwise unremarkable events in order to keep my spirits artificially high. Its sort of like thinking of the day you start your period as "Yay I'm not Pregnant Day" instead of "Horrible Misery & Pain Day" (and it is too bad if that grosses you out, it is late and I am tired and my brain is all wonky and I cannot think of a better analogy).

I am desperately looking forward to knocking these classes out of the way. I sort of love the end of the semester because if I just keep studying it goes by so quickly, and the *POOF* its over and I can return to my more natural state of vegging.

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JD Maybe said...

that is so funny "Yay, Im not pregnant day." Thats exactly what I have to tell myself to cope. Good luck!