Tuesday, December 8, 2009

notes in the margins

My favorite note I've found written (by me) in the margins of my casebook as I outline: "professor thinks this is crap."

It is unfortunately not so helpful as to why professor thinks it is crap, or what professor prefers. At least it's better than the one about a hundred pages back, awkwardly positioned far enough away from the case as to indicate that it wasn't referring to anything in particular: "WTF."

Oh evidence, you and I can only be friends for the purpose of pointing out the inaccuracies of Law & Order.


je said...

my favorite part of finals review... reading the non-sensical margin notes! half-way through the semester i got the bright idea to start doodling... toward the very end i got frighteningly good at drawing the backs of heads of the students sitting in front of me. i'm counting on a backup career as a courtroom illustrator...

Anonymous said...

my evidence professor ended class by telling us all to "do our best to try and not look like bloody fools" on his exam. i wanted to raise my hand and reply, "well the ball is in your corner." i resisted.