Monday, September 1, 2008

law school numbers

2 - weeks of law school that I have lived through

7 - times I've wished that I could swallow my pride and get a rolling backpack

4 - times I've gone drinking with friends

2 - times that I've been called on in class

3 - number of Rudolf-blinking-red-nose zits that I've had since school started

1- the loneliest number that you'll ever do

4 - classes in which, despite my best efforts, I've felt totally unprepared or lost

2- pairs of new shoes I own as a result of stress-shopping

7- days I've woken up before 7 am

4 - times I've watched the youtube video of one of my profs before his class in order to relax

3 - times I've called my mom

3 - free lunch meetings I've gone to despite no actual interest in the subject matter of the meeting

1 - times I've kicked someone out of a study room

2 - times I've been kicked out of a study room

6 - bottles of wine that I've drank (with help, mostly) since school started


Brooklyn said...

I cant swallow my pride and get a rolling back pack either....I think about it EVERY day. :(

Kel said...

Swallow it ladies!

My back thanks me every morning!

Besides, they make super cute business ones now.

Strange Bird said...

I have no idea what people have against them. They're not cool, but neither is being the type of person who goes to law school. ;)

The Legal Optimist said...

I totally understand "stress shopping." I absolutely love your numbers, we are definitely going through many of the same things.

Attractive Nuisance said...

I'm about to cave on the rolling backpack. I have bruises on my shoulders. Besides, the super gigantic hiking backpack I have been reduced to using isn't exactly cute anyway.