Monday, September 15, 2008

res judicata

Of all the bizarre new words, familiar words with new meanings and stupid latin, this one threw me off the worst until I learned that it is pronounced "rays judy-cada" and not "rez jew-dik-uhduh". The correct way is a lot, lot, lot easier to say.

Also, I have discovered that my absolute favorite time of day is early morning in the library. I usually arrive around 7:30 and its so calm and quiet until I go to class at 11. Its a completely different place in the afternoon. Plus I get the benefit of some beautiful morning light and a view over the gorgeous campus.

Need to post more soon, sorry. Didn't you know that I am in emm-effing law school and I don't greatly desire to spend my very limited free time in front of a computer?

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Kel said...

I like watching the sun rise early in the morning too. It's beautiful when I'm on campus that early