Tuesday, October 21, 2008

law school has it in for me

What the fack? I got all geared up at the beginning of this week to really power through the last few weeks of class, to get caught up (and even ahead) in my classes, and to be on the ball for going into career services in a couple of weeks.

Then, this afternoon I noticed another little twinge in my throat. Six hours later and I am full-strength sick again. AGAIN.

I think probably BF and I are just trading this thing back and forth at this point, but in my nyquil stupor it also feels a little bit like law school is smiting me for my upstart sass. If law school could talk it would say "I will crush your plucky and resilient spirit whether I have to inflict back to back sinus infections for a year! Bwahahahaha." I try to keep law school from killing me slowly from the inside (emotionally) but holy crap on a cracker could I please catch a damn break? I've been sick for a month. I've pretty much used up all my absences and one of my professors even described me as looking like "death warmed over." I take my EmergenC and echinacaea and drink lots of water and tea and chicken soup. Boohoo. I can't wait for Christmas break.

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Strange Bird said...

I had the same problem last year and kept getting sinus infections in time for finals, both semesters. I have avoided it this year by taking Claratin daily (prevents the post-nasal drip that causes soar throat), Sudafed (the good stuff that they keep behind the counter) the moment I start to feel off (sinuses don't get infected when they are not clogged), and I got a prescription for FloNase which I use when I really start to feel funky. No more infections.