Sunday, October 5, 2008

neglect and lemmings

Apparently my cat has decided that the best way to get any attention is to lay down either on my textbook or on top of my keyboard. She's probably right. The problem is that now she does it almost every time I sit down to study.

So, which is worse for lonely kitty: staying at school longer & working more efficiently, but ultimately spending less time at home OR being home more often but getting work done a lot slower?

The answer would be pretty obvious except that spending much time at school forces you into the nutjob lemming herd that is just about to run off the cliff: outlineoutlineoutlinestudystudylibrarydon'tdrinkthewaterinthelawbuildingoutline - and pets are great anti-anxiety medicine. (Hm. Remember the Lemmings computer game? I loved that game! I wonder if it is still around.)

It's just a little weird when I open my laptop at school and cat hair flies in all directions.

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Strange Bird said...

You could try a non-law library. I tend to go to the undergraduate research library to study; it is a much saner place.