Monday, December 22, 2008

pick me, choose me, love me

Or at least give me a summer job? Ugh.

Recommendation to Career Services Office: next year, instead of saying that we should get settled into our studies and that's why we can't get started on the fun of job searching til later in the fall, you should tell students to get all their reading and outlines done super early so that they may spend the end of the semester working on resumes and sending out cover letters. Because, based on your lovely Career Services Guidebook, that is clearly what you expected ME to do in November and December, and it would have been nice to have had some heads up.

Winter Break - HA! Otherwise known as "time in which you have no classes but are starting your new job, spending way too much time trying to see the people you have neglected for the past four months, prepping with your moot court partner, cramming every possible health and other related appointments into the same 3 weeks as everyone else, and oh yeah, SPENDING ALL YOUR EXTRA TIME TRYING TO GET A SUMMER JOB." Winter Break laughs at me and my foolish naivete in thinking that Winter Break means the same thing this time around as it did in college. I miss the time in my life when relaxing meant watching tv or reading for fun. Now it just means pretending that finishing up my apartment-related chores was really how I wanted to spend my afternoon.

I know I'm being a bit screechy, but it hit me today while I was thinking about exams and sort of lamenting my "meh" grade on my last memo that I may benefit from getting those cover letters out before grades start to surface, you know, just in case. Which.....means now. Which.........ack. Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm not entirely full of the good cheer and patience needed for the fun of job searching.

So, while I'll be spending the next few days not actually doing anything to help me land summer employment, I will be trying desperately to drum up some motivation. Maybe spending Christmas with my family will help me to remember that if I don't get good summer jobs in school then I won't get a job after graduation and I'll have to move back in with my parents and then I will go fully and completely insane. That or I'll find my motivation at the bottom of one of the many mimosas I plan on drinking on Christmas day.

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