Thursday, July 10, 2008

no, the summer will not go by quickly

Tons of people have offered me unsolicited advice about how to spend my time this summer. Most of it is along the lines of "this summer will go by so quickly - just enjoy it." While I know that they mean well, hearing this for the eightieth time makes me want to pull out some eyeballs, Kill Bill style. This has, quite possibly, been the s l o w e s t summer of my life. I started off working 2 jobs (both miserable boring) 6-7 days a week. Now I'm just working the 1-most-miserable-of-all-job and I think that it actually makes the time pass slower. Early in the summer, I sorta thought, "yeah, maybe everyone is right, I'm sure things will pickup in July." Now, one-third of the way into July I'm convinced that things won't actually pick up for at least another week (which will be one week before we move).

I decided to quit my job a bit early, so next Thursday is my last day. The awesome thing about leaving (duh, aside from the leaving part) is that next week is peppered with free lunch from people I work with. Woohoo!

Also, a quick note to the folks at Apple: Please, please PLEASE get the .mac/mobileme webmail up and running quickly. I easily spend 70% of the time that I am at work on my email, which made yesterday extraspecialsucky since webmail was down. Come on Stevie-baby, you owe me this one.

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