Monday, July 7, 2008

this is how I know I made the right choice

Last week, my law school finally sent me some orientation info. Since I'm an incredibly antsy and impatient person I have been checking the mail for this packet since March. And do you know what I got? A couple of sheets of paper that basically said, "Calm the Efff down. You don't need to get all crazy-like about something that is still over a month away. We promise to send you some info, soonish." I see it as confirmation that I made the right choice of schools. This school isn't going to always give me what I want - but it has done a fairly good job of giving me what I need (which is to be told to chill). So in the spirit of chill, and also because I'm up to my ears in moving, I'm placing a moratorium on law school prep crap. Only summer fun-time (and packing) from here on out.

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no634 said...

Haha. I recently have chilled out too. Stressing out before there's reason to makes me feel like "that (obnoxious type A personality) boy" and it's not a good look.