Monday, July 21, 2008

what paper chase? or, the case of the over-used parentheses

BF and I saw the Paper Chase this weekend, despite all advice to the contrary. (Oh no! Don't see the Paper Chase or read OneL! They'll scare the pants off of you!!) Maybe there's another really scary and intimidating movie about law school called the Paper Chase? Because I didn't think that this one lived up to its notoriety. Aside from the horrible awkward acting and the awesomely hideous sets (I do love to think that Harvard was that janky at one point), I found it to be a bust. Professor Blowhard wasn't even scary (he was kind of an asshole). Did I miss something? Do I already have incredibly thick skin? (no, I'm kind of a weenie)

I'm just going to take this as a sweepingly presumptive sign that I'll be able to handle anything that law school has to throw at me. Three weeks from orientation, this is a good feeling to have. It certainly beats my old standard of nauseous nervousness.


Strange Bird said...

I never saw it. At least at my school, the professors were generally very nice, wanted us to succeed, and didn't go out of their way to make us feel stupid. The pressure of law school for most people is nearly entirely self-inflicted.

no634 said...

I actually saw it a few years ago and it made me want to go to law school more than ever... seemed thrilling.

But then again I also thought Timothy Bottoms's mustache was the business, so my judgement might be off.